Melonbooks Summer Campaign

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Melonbooks Summer Campaign

Blackship customers who spend 8,700 yen or more between June 10th and June 26th (JST) will receive a 10%-off Melonbooks coupon by mid-August.

You’ll have a week to use the coupon. You’ll receive specific details in your Melonbooks MyPage Coupon Box .

Campaign Conditions:
  • To qualify, you must place an order for ¥8,700 or more—tax included but not including shipping —between June 10 and June 26 (JST) 2022.
  • The Coupon will be distributed by mid-August 2022.
  • The Coupon will be valid for one week from the time it’s released.
  • Melonbooks may change the coupon validity period. Please check the Melonbooks website for the most up-to-date information regarding the campaign.