What's new at Blackship

Simplified Pricing and Value-added Plans

We've simplified our pricing by eliminating Mailout and Repacking Fees. (See Automatic Repacking below.) We've also removed the Receiving Fee for Standard and Premium plan members. Our new design makes it even easier to understand the cost of add-on services like Invoice Removal and Discreet Packaging. And our shipping rates are inclusive of all fees.

Choose Your Payment Currency

You can now choose your preferred payment currency from among these six types: AUD, CAD, EUR, JPY, SGD, and USD.

Automatic Repacking

Blackship will ensure your items are packed safely for international shipments. Repacking service is automatic, and we won't bill you anything extra for regular packages.*

* Oversized and irregular packages (bicycles, fishing poles, etc.) may incur additional fees.

Up to 90-days Free Storage

We now offer up to 90-days of free storage (varies by plan). Storage fees will accumulate daily for packages that exceed your plan's free storage period. We'll send you email notifications and reminders when paid storage accumulates for your packages.

Consolidate-and-Ship Faster

In earlier versions of Blackship, consolidated packages were returned to the customer mailbox. Customers would then need to return to the app to ship their parcels. In the new Blackship, we've removed delays and improved workflows by allowing customers like you to Consolidate-and-Ship your packages with a single request. For this to work, we show a shipping estimate based on the weight of your package, which might be different from the actual shipping once the packages are repacked or consolidated. We'll do our best to keep shipping rates accurate, but generally, the actual shipping should be a little less than the estimated shipping, especially for consolidated packages.